Thursday, April 14, 2011


Kay, my mother in law, is the best. She gives me old photos all the time because she knows how much I love them. I just found this one the other day. These are all of Jim's siblings : Kathy (hidden in back), Gigi, Chip, Marianne, and John (holding Jim), and Bill. This picture just cracks me up and I just love it....Jim looks a little overwhelmed by all the love.


Whenever I think my house is just too full of kids and craziness, I think of how full of life and laughter and noise the Goetz's house is. Even with seven brothers and sisters running around, there is always an extra plate set at the dinner table and everyone is always welcome. I want my house to be like that.

And I think how incredibly blessed I am to have my mom and dad, sisters and brother....and Jim's amazing family.....and four crazy kids. Crazy is is good.


  1. Awww...Lisa, that was a sweet post, and sooo true! Love that pic of Jim and his siblings! :)

  2. Well I can tell you that I always feel like there is a extra plate for me at yall's house :)