Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scout IS good for something!

This dog is a nut and has questionable intelligence.....but we love the way she cuddles, sleeps in, and watches Marley and Me intensely.

So you have that going for you, Scout......

The Spa at Polo Run

It's a proven fact that it is stressful to be a ten year old. Which is why all fourth graders really need a spa day. This is Callie's philosophy.....and why we had a spa birthday party for her tenth birthday.
There were cucumbers for the eyes and massages for their tired, fourth grade muscles.
We did their hair in beautiful curls (right before they went swimming......hmmmmmm....didn't think that through well....)
They got mani-pedis from a trained, licensed staff of 7th graders.......
And took a break from the pampering to open a few presents!
I love this picture of Caitlyn laughing so hard at Callie and the cucumbers.
The manicure station run by our neighbor, Miranda.
Yes, you are cute.....
The front desk.....after the fact. When they came in, they chose their nail polish and flip flops and their manicure set...... Grandma and Grandpa Goetz sent a book about "The Glamour Book for Girls" (so Callie) and that was displayed too.
This is our trained, beautiful staff.......and Will, just home from a field trip at the end of the night. Lucky for him, he missed the majority of it and was just in time to finish up the goodies. But we still forced him to take a picture with all of the girls.
A calm moment for Miranda and I behind the manicure desk....
Pedicure central!
Happy Birthday, Callie girl. I know you had you so much!

Evie goes to Houston!

Evie has been so patient. During the time that Jim lived in Houston, he started a tradition of taking each of the kids down to Houston on a special weekend to his condo. He took Annie....then WIll.....then Callie......and THEN.....we hit a spell where for one reason or another, life was a little crazy and it was hard to get Evie's visit scheduled. She was SO patient but once every couple of weeks, she would calmly remind us that she hadn't gone to Houston yet. So when Jim came home and we decided to sell his place.....we knew we had one final shot at getting her there!
The day finally came.....last Friday. Jim picked up Evie from school at lunch, and she got to play hooky for the rest of the afternoon. She had already told her softball coach that she'd be missing a game, her teacher that she HAD to miss school.....and anyone else that would listen that she was going away for the weekend with her dad. She had a good lunch and then slept all the way there (good girl!) Jim's condo is in the Galleria (see the arches in the background? They are all over the streets in the Galleria.) The first thing they did was run to Nordstroms, and Jim bought her a new dress, a sweater, and sandals. This was a pretty big deal for my sporty, shorts and tshirt wearing girl, that refuses to shop at Justice because the clothes are too sparkly. They found a non pink, non sparkly dress and she was BEAUTIFUL , and all ready for their big plans of the night......
DINNER AT MAZROFFS. This is Mr. Mazroff. He and his son run the most amazing restaurant in Houston, and this restaurant is very special to our family! We spent Thanksgiving there two years ago, and always would go there when we visited Jim. I think it may be the best restaurant in Texas! Evie had a very special date with her dad. She ordered duck, and ate THE WHOLE THING!
The next day they went to an art fair in the park and ate breakfast at The Daily Grill. Jim says he thinks they walked about eight miles!
Saturday, after all of the kids games were done, I drove Annie, Will, and Callie down to meet Jim and Evie, and we spent our last night at the condo! I have no idea why I didn't take pictures of the place, but here are some phone shots from dinner......
We had to wake Callie up for this picture, and it still makes me laugh!
Annie giving Will a "dimple".....
And last but not least, my favorite boys in the world. I will ALWAYS love Houston. That is where my first two babies were born and we made wonderful friends there......

Great memories, great times....very thankful for this past weekend and my all of a sudden, grown up, kids!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Callie Marie is a DECADE!

Callie Girl....She is a decade. She is a bright flashing smile. She is a quiet observant girl. She is wickedly funny.

She is an amazing dancer. She is a hidden actress waiting to be discovered. She is smart as a whip, and can memorize anything.
She has a huge, loving, forgiving, loving, heart. She feels deeply and is an amazing friend, sister, and daughter.
She LOVES hibachi. She says it was her best birthday ever and was thankful for everything she got. She is especially excited to go to "T SWift" with her daddy in September.

Callie, I am so blessed to have you as my daughter and every day I pray for you and love you more and more. I love you Callie Girl!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Evie and Basketball

Evie told me last week that basketball was her favorite sport. She practices every day after school with her big brother. That is why she has such a pretty lay was all Will.
This is her team, the "Hot Shots". Many of the girls are on her softball team, too.
Her coach says her favorite thing is that Evie is not afraid to shoot.....
Her cousin, Katie, gave her a big hug after the game.