Monday, December 20, 2010

Annie's Ad: Will's Play

Hey! I forgot to tell you about Will's School play! Well Will earned the lead role in the play about Yankee Doodle, American Christmas, and a toothache! He did great!

Annie's Ad: 80's Roller Blading Party

It's finally Christmas break!!!!!! I've already done a bunch of stuff! I went to my friend's "Christmas" party where we got to make awesome Christmas cookies! Although it's nothing compared to the two cookie exchanges Callie's been in! She had like a billion cookies! We also went to a kid's poker run that my mom hosted! I got to hang out with the cutest 4 year old boy named Evan! Then on Sunday, I got to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader with my friends, Alexis and Kara! We had a sleepover the night before and made a movie called The Flip! It's pretty funny! Well tonight, my church all went to a Roller Blading party in Lewisville! The fun part was we all got to dress up as people from the 80's! My mom helped me out with that! I wore her over-sized t-shirt over a black tank top and the pink t-shirt hung off my shoulder. I wore a black skirt over black leggings and a cheetah patterned bow in my hair. I also had on a bunch of bengals and small hoop earrings. It was so much fun! We did a lot of roller skating! My friend's cousin and I had a race, and we all had strawberry chills! At the end, when i went to get my other shoe that they took, they couldn't find it! It took them like 20 minutes to find my shoe! At least they found it! All is good! I had a great time! Let me just say though, I'm so glad i didn't live in the 80's!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Pictures

This is our Christmas card for this year!

Katie, our cousin , who goes to University of Texas, was here visiting. She had taken her last final (she got an A, which gave her an A in the class!) and thought she was going to have just a normal, relaxing dinner with the Goetz family. We tempted her with steak, corn, and french bread....and said.....but NO! No dinner for you until you take our family picture for our Christmas card! We ran out of daylight, and had to scramble for something to wear, but she was SO patient with our craziness. WE LOVE YOU, KATIE! (We finally let her eat.....)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Annie's Ad: Coach Dan

Right now we are about to visit my Coach Dan! He is in the Lewisville Hospital because of blood clots! He has blood clots in his lungs and his leg. We've all been praying for him! We are going to visit him right now and I will update pictures on here afterwards. Please pray for him!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The elf stool mom's candy!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Callie's Clever Corner

Just had my play thing at school it was ok kind of. It was really short. Good news is I got a 93 on one of the hardest test! I am so proud!!! I also found the elf on the chandelier. He was hanging there with four candy canes! YEAH more treats! I just love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday ever!! I have to get my homework done it's gana take like 2 hr. ugh!!!!! I have the longest homework sheet ever!!!!!!!! We have two big projects due on Tuesday and one of them is a book report!!!! Annie is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has strep and doesn't know how she got it but it is bad!!! Well I better get started on my long homework list now so bye!!!!!

Annie's Ad: It's all ok

Dad got back from the hospital tonight at 10:30 p.m. and he is still a little dizzy. The doctors ran every test known to man. His symptoms were mimicking stroke symptoms, but it turns out he doesn't have stroke. They found out it was some virus that has settled in his ear, but its nothing major and he should be back to normal and not feel dizzy in a couple of weeks. I'm sorry i didn't get any pictures while i was at the hospital. While we were there, only two people could go at a time! Will and Callie went first, then me and Evie, and then Katie and Mom. Callie gave dad an early Christmas present since he was in the hospital. She gave him a Snuggie Pillow! its a snuggie that folds into a pillow! I knew he probably was hungry so i brought him Puppy chow that me and Katie made. Well, he is out of the hospital now and didn't have to stay overnight last night! I'm so glad! And Thank you for your prayers for him!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Annie's Ad: Dad's in the Hospital

Dad hasn't been feeling really good lately! He's been really dizzy and thought he shouldn't be driving! Today we went to the doctor who said that Dad had to go to the hospital! They tested him for some serious disease, but it turned out that that was not it! They are still testing him right now and we are about to visit him! I will put pictures on after we visit him! Please pray for him!

people in Paris ( I made on Photo booth) LOL

The elf in twirl!!!!!!

Callie's Clever Corner

Hey guess who? Too slow it's Callie!!!! We found the elf in dad's wine shelf!! Dad got so mad. K-t is coming today!! She gets school off so she can study for the finals. :>. I am putting ornaments on my tree today!!! The other day I went to target and got Scout a Christmas gift (outfit! She hates it and she also hates her Halloween costume!!! Shes a reindeer!!!!
Got to study so bye


Callie's Clever Corner

Hey guess who to slow it's Callie!!!!

Annie's Ad

Well i haven't been on here for a long time but i'm going to try to get on here more often. I want to just update y'all on what's happening around here. Let's start with me. I'm not doing softball right now because: #1: it's freezing here! It's like 30 degrees here! #2: My coach, Coach Dan, has blood clots in his lungs and his leg. Please pray for him everyone. I might go see him today if i'm not sick! School is going great for me! I'm pretty excited because i get to take the SAT test December 11th! Most of you probably know that, but i'm just so excited! That's pretty much all that's going on for me! Will just finished playing basketball and they had a great season. He also just finished playing football and got MVP for defense and overall! I'm very proud of him! He just finished Colonial Days and also gets to play the main character, Yankee Doodle Dandy, in his school play! I'll show you the video once i see it! Callie has had some great opportunities so far! She has been accepted to Dance Company without even having to try out! Her and her Company went to Six Flags to perform for the Holiday in the Park! She performed in 4 dances. Whenever i pointed to the camera for her to look at me, she would stick out her tongue! So if you catch her sticking her tongue out, it's because she didn't want me to keep video taping her! Evie has been doing great in basketball this year! She's becoming more like Will with everything she does! She is pretty much a complete tomboy now and she loves to bike or skateboard with her best friend, Cameron. When we were at Six Flags, we did this contest where everyone gets three shots into the hoop, and if you make a shot, you win a basketball. Only three people won! Will's friend Aidan, my friend Spencer, and Evie! It was pretty cool! Well that's pretty much everything that's happening in our lives! See y'all later!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Me in my clonial outfit for school thanks mom!!!

Callie's Clever Corner

Hi this is well you know me!!!! ( Callie) I am about to go to bed. Tomorrow my cousin Katie is coming from U.T!!!! Even thou they are loosing by allot I am still cheering for them (But I don't watch football)!! I love the winter time its so pretty here in Texas!! Me and Evie were trying to do a dance together, we did the pictures but the dance ended up to be like karate or something I'm not good at.
My dog is so cute even thou she is well.... lets just say shes one of a kind and different if ya know what I mean. got to go to bed bye!
HI this is of course Cute Callie!!! Yesterday I had the most fun EVER!!! I went to six flags for dance company! My favorite ride was bob sled!! It was so much fun!!! We had a blast and thought we were going to die!! It was sooo cold and I danced there at six flags!!! I just want to give a special Thank You to my parents for letting me be in company!!! They are the BEST PARENTS EVER!!!!!
I LOVE them!!! Also Thank you to aunt Sarah for the I tunes gift card I used it right away in like 2 min. it was gone! I bought all of my dance songs and it really helped! We got an elf!!!! Te elf moves around in difrant spots!!! Dad doesn't like the elf because he makes a mess (witch I have to clean up.)WEll I got to eat dinner so bye