Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Pictures

This is our Christmas card for this year!

Katie, our cousin , who goes to University of Texas, was here visiting. She had taken her last final (she got an A, which gave her an A in the class!) and thought she was going to have just a normal, relaxing dinner with the Goetz family. We tempted her with steak, corn, and french bread....and said.....but NO! No dinner for you until you take our family picture for our Christmas card! We ran out of daylight, and had to scramble for something to wear, but she was SO patient with our craziness. WE LOVE YOU, KATIE! (We finally let her eat.....)


  1. I LOVE it! Can't wait to get my own! ;)

  2. Beautiful card! Would you like me to make it bigger for the title of your blog? If you would, just email a copy of the picture in an attachment and I'll resize it for you. xo, Aunt Sarah