Monday, December 6, 2010

Annie's Ad

Well i haven't been on here for a long time but i'm going to try to get on here more often. I want to just update y'all on what's happening around here. Let's start with me. I'm not doing softball right now because: #1: it's freezing here! It's like 30 degrees here! #2: My coach, Coach Dan, has blood clots in his lungs and his leg. Please pray for him everyone. I might go see him today if i'm not sick! School is going great for me! I'm pretty excited because i get to take the SAT test December 11th! Most of you probably know that, but i'm just so excited! That's pretty much all that's going on for me! Will just finished playing basketball and they had a great season. He also just finished playing football and got MVP for defense and overall! I'm very proud of him! He just finished Colonial Days and also gets to play the main character, Yankee Doodle Dandy, in his school play! I'll show you the video once i see it! Callie has had some great opportunities so far! She has been accepted to Dance Company without even having to try out! Her and her Company went to Six Flags to perform for the Holiday in the Park! She performed in 4 dances. Whenever i pointed to the camera for her to look at me, she would stick out her tongue! So if you catch her sticking her tongue out, it's because she didn't want me to keep video taping her! Evie has been doing great in basketball this year! She's becoming more like Will with everything she does! She is pretty much a complete tomboy now and she loves to bike or skateboard with her best friend, Cameron. When we were at Six Flags, we did this contest where everyone gets three shots into the hoop, and if you make a shot, you win a basketball. Only three people won! Will's friend Aidan, my friend Spencer, and Evie! It was pretty cool! Well that's pretty much everything that's happening in our lives! See y'all later!

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