Monday, December 20, 2010

Annie's Ad: 80's Roller Blading Party

It's finally Christmas break!!!!!! I've already done a bunch of stuff! I went to my friend's "Christmas" party where we got to make awesome Christmas cookies! Although it's nothing compared to the two cookie exchanges Callie's been in! She had like a billion cookies! We also went to a kid's poker run that my mom hosted! I got to hang out with the cutest 4 year old boy named Evan! Then on Sunday, I got to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader with my friends, Alexis and Kara! We had a sleepover the night before and made a movie called The Flip! It's pretty funny! Well tonight, my church all went to a Roller Blading party in Lewisville! The fun part was we all got to dress up as people from the 80's! My mom helped me out with that! I wore her over-sized t-shirt over a black tank top and the pink t-shirt hung off my shoulder. I wore a black skirt over black leggings and a cheetah patterned bow in my hair. I also had on a bunch of bengals and small hoop earrings. It was so much fun! We did a lot of roller skating! My friend's cousin and I had a race, and we all had strawberry chills! At the end, when i went to get my other shoe that they took, they couldn't find it! It took them like 20 minutes to find my shoe! At least they found it! All is good! I had a great time! Let me just say though, I'm so glad i didn't live in the 80's!

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  1. Oh Annie! How fun! I love the 80s look on you! :)
    xo, Aunt Sarah