Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Spa at Polo Run

It's a proven fact that it is stressful to be a ten year old. Which is why all fourth graders really need a spa day. This is Callie's philosophy.....and why we had a spa birthday party for her tenth birthday.
There were cucumbers for the eyes and massages for their tired, fourth grade muscles.
We did their hair in beautiful curls (right before they went swimming......hmmmmmm....didn't think that through well....)
They got mani-pedis from a trained, licensed staff of 7th graders.......
And took a break from the pampering to open a few presents!
I love this picture of Caitlyn laughing so hard at Callie and the cucumbers.
The manicure station run by our neighbor, Miranda.
Yes, you are cute.....
The front desk.....after the fact. When they came in, they chose their nail polish and flip flops and their manicure set...... Grandma and Grandpa Goetz sent a book about "The Glamour Book for Girls" (so Callie) and that was displayed too.
This is our trained, beautiful staff.......and Will, just home from a field trip at the end of the night. Lucky for him, he missed the majority of it and was just in time to finish up the goodies. But we still forced him to take a picture with all of the girls.
A calm moment for Miranda and I behind the manicure desk....
Pedicure central!
Happy Birthday, Callie girl. I know you had you so much!

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  1. Oh my word, what a blast! I wish I could have come! But, alas, I am not a 4th grader. :( What memories you are creating for your girls, Lisa. I loved seeing this pictures!