Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools' Day

Ahhh.....April Fools Day. We wait for it every year.....forget about it till that morning....and then try to pull a lame joke or two off on the kids. Which usually works , provides at least Jim and I a good laugh, and then we go on our day. But this year, the kids were ready.
In the middle of the night, WITHOUT JIM OR I NOTICING (Yup....we are up for parents of the year) , Will and Callie got up and teepeed Evie's room WHILE SHE WAS STILL IN BED. She is a sound sleeper but we were amazed because they did quite the job. Annie put Saran wrap over a few of the toilets (she knew enough not to mess with ours).....they post-it noted Will's room....
This was one of my favorites. First thing in the morning, Callie says, Dad, there was a letter at the door for you. The letter is ...ahem...."from" one of his business partner, Larry, letting him know that unfortunately, he has to move to California and end their partnership. My favorite part was when "Larry" tells Jim that they can "diffedently" keep in touch.
The kids then caught this fish and put it in the hot tub........(APRIL FOOLS).....
And last but not least blocked Callie's room with a mattress. Oh, the love that a good April Fools joke spreads. Happy April Fools Day, everyone........Love you!


  1. Hee have defidently passed that good April Fool's joking gene down to your kids!
    BTW, Lisa, I forgot to tell you. I'm pregnant, with twins. ;)

  2. lol. From the April Fool's archives! I used to be so good at the April Fools thing, now I'm so lame!