Thursday, April 7, 2011


When I was in third grade, my dad was taking a course in Organic Chemistry. I can still remember how huge that book was. During his course work, he had to mate fruit eyed fruit flies and white eyed, and took notes on all of their offspring. Now that I think of it, how do you get fruit flies to mate? Thank goodness, we were spared the gory details. Anyway, I remember my mom being not too thrilled about Dad having to store little fruit fly offspring in test tubes in the refrigerator. What a poor sport Mom was..... Anyway, there were several escapee fruit flies. Mom was nominated for sainthood soon after this.
Anyway, I tell you all this because we have many bugs in our house right now. The one Evie is holding is a meal worm that hatched from a larvae.
She couldn't wait to show her teacher, Mrs. S.!
See that little orange guy? Evie let him go, and he is now living in meal worm paradise in our back yard.
But wait....there is more. Remember Bacon, Will's bearded dragon? He eats crickets every day, about four or five. We keep all the extra crickets in a cool little cricket condo, but a few escaped and have happily taken up residence behind our refrigerator. At first it was just one....and I tried to convince Jim how charming it we were camping, right? It's pretty funny, right? Now that apparently it is the hottest spot in cricket real estate, and there are at least three back there competing, its not quite as charming, but still is pretty funny. Makes me laugh at least.

Makes you all want to come visit us in Texas, right? Only the best.......


  1. We live in a hundred + year old house...that DOESN'T Have central air. We moved into it in August...the hottest month of the year... ANYWHO, I HATE bugs. I also grew up more in the city than my lovey, but now we live in the "sticks" (not really...but it's WAAAAYYY more rural than I am used to) I kept hearing a cricket one night, but since all the windows were open, I thought nothing of it.

    Then, I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and when I turned on the light, there he was...a giant, ugly, BLACK cricket in the center of my kitchen. I screamed, and made Bee come get him. I litterly almost crawled up his leg to get away from it. Ha! Yet mice? yeah, they dont bother me.

  2. Hahahaha! Thank you for that walk down memory lane...God bless our Mom! Those pictures of Evie are BEAUTIFUL! She looks just like you, Lisa, and a little like Annie too. Gorgeous! I loved the crickets in the kitchen! Too funny!

  3. Your dad was mending from a broken ankle when he was taking a Genetics course at N.I.U. I remember all the company that came to visit him to make sure that I was being Nurse Nice. The refreshments that I would serve the visitors usually were garnished with fruit flies. Now you are up for sainthood Lisa! I second Sarah's comment how much Evie looks like you! Beautiful!
    Love, mom