Friday, February 4, 2011

The Magic of the Snow Day

Snow on the circle.....
Since this picture, everything is covered.....
We are loving the snow!

We are on our 4th snow day, which is pretty unheard of for Texas.....and we are loving it. As I write this, it is snowing harder than I've ever seen it here.....huge flakes!.....and covering the thick ice that is all over the streets. So we are staying in, and staying safe. Jim takes the suburban into his office, which is close, and calls back with a report on the streets. I trust his driving in these conditions more than anyone else (thank you, growing up in Chicago!) but he has seen quite a few accidents and spinning cars. Poor Texans, usually our snow is gone in a day. Anyway, Annie is gone on a ski trip with her friend , Kara, and other than a few trips out to see the neighbors, we have been content to stay in. I've been working on my office and making huge, organizational progress. Jim has come home early every night and we have had long, nice dinners , uninterrupted by sports practices. The kids have been getting a long, and playing with each other, and enjoying each other, and laughing, giggling, and being creative. I love snow days.....incredibly thankful for these four snow days!

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  1. LOVE snow days! It sounds like you all have been having so much fun! We're back at school. :( But at least it's the weekend!