Friday, February 11, 2011

Aunt Shirley

This is my Aunt Shirley. She is an amazing aunt and always has been.
This is actually one of my first memories....being held by Aunt Shirley....watching a little toy clown ride a unicycle on a wire strung across our living room. See him in the right hand corner?

Its hard to know where to start describing my Aunt Shirley! She has always been there for me and for all of her nieces and nephews. She always makes each one of us feel like one in a million. She is the one that is one in a million! She inspires me and knows me. She has encouraged me and challenges me to live a life for God.

We got to see Aunt Shirley a lot growing up. I remember her sleeping over at our house and all cuddling with her on the big, green pull out couch and reading Bible stories. We would go out to her house every summer for at least a week. I remember a few occasions when it would last longer than that. It was always a magic time. Aunt Shirley taught third grade, which automatically made her the coolest. She would let us come set up her class room with her and once I got to spend the day with her in class and meet her students. When we were at Aunt Shirleys, we stayed up late, played games, made doll house furniture and dressed up in her old prom dresses. She came to all of my plays and shows and graduations. She has a great sense of humor and can make ANYTHING fun. (Sarah, remember speeding to Pentwater with her and having our dolls sing opera?)

She is a wonderful aunt. I am so grateful to her. She has been and continues to me an inspiration to me.

Aunt Shirley, we love you so much. We are praying for you to feel better as soon as possible , and get well. Love to you from Texas.....

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