Friday, February 11, 2011

Annie's Ad: Kaotic Kids

A friendly foos ball game with Dad, Alexis, Annie and Kara
A fancy dinner served by mom and dad..... Will, you are right , your eyes were closed!

OK first of all, i know that that's not how you spell chaotic, but kids started with a "k" so i figured i should make chaotic start with a "k". I just wanted to let you know i know how to spell. Anyway there is a LOT going on at our house right now! Although it is quiet right now (everyone's as school), it won't be for long. My friend Kara George (the one i went on the ski trip with) is staying over here for a couple of nights because her parents are at a golf tournament. (By the way, her dad isn't golfing. They know a famous golfer in the tournament. Ever heard of Stancowski?) So she slept over here last night and she'll sleep over here until Sunday. Alexis (my other friend) slept over with us last night, too. I don't know if she's going to sleep over here again tonight or not. I know they both slept over on a school night, but it was a special occasion. But we also are having our cousin Katie and her two friends from college, Tristan and Athena, stay over here. It's going to be so much fun! We recently found some little kid pics of Katie that Callie and I are going to use to embarrass are older cousin. We love Katie dearly, but embarrassing her is just part of our jobs. Well, we're going to have a full house this weekend. Also, Mom is leaving to go to Chicago tomorrow. Our great-aunt Shirley (her aunt) is really sick right now and she's going to go visit her. We're all praying for Aunt Shirley. I wish i got to know her better. Mom is pretty sad that Aunt Shirley isn't feeling good. We all are, actually. So it will be a pretty crowded house without Mom to put it under control. Wish us luck!!!

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