Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Annie's Ad: Ski Trip

Hey, It's Annie! As you probably already know, my friend Kara invited me on a ski triprecently for the whole weekend! It was so much fun!! We went to Red River, NM and i did a bunch of Blue hills.
This is a picture i took on my phone while we were skiing down the mountain! Isn't it
beautiful? To think that that could have been God's sandcastle!!! This is a view from outside our cabin! There were a bunch of sleds we got to use!!!

We also got to go tubing down a hill! Kara, A.J., Gabe, and I got to do a four person train while tubing.
Here's some more pictures of the ski trip!
Kara at the cabin!
Picture of the mountain on the way back home!!!

A picture of me on the mountain!

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  1. What BEAUTIFUL pictures, Annie! You must have had so much fun! :)