Saturday, March 3, 2012


Oh, happiness! Jim was driving to work one day and called in when he heard the radio station was giving away Taylor Swift tickets....and lo and behold he won! We gave Callie the tickets for her birthday, as she is, besides Jim, the biggest "T-Swift" fan in our family. Callie wrote to Taylor and explained what she and Jim would be wearing so Taylor would be able to spot them.

Apparently, when you wear cowboy hats, you have to crook your leg like that.
But aren't they cute? When they got to the stadium, they went up, and up and the nose bleed section. Jim was a little, amazed at the quality of the seats, but Callie said, "This is so cool how high up we are, we can see everything from here! " Thank goodness for jumbo-trons....
Pretty sure she will remember this daddy daughter date forever........

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  1. Yay, Lisa! Cool new look and BEAUTIFUL family! And the pics of Jim and Callie are so sweet...she will remember that forever!