Sunday, January 30, 2011

And their rooms are always this clean......right......

Just thought you might want to see the kids rooms! Today the unimaginable happened and they were all clean .....on the same the same time. So we decided to mark the momentus occasion with some photos and with a reprieve from the constant threat of calling Niece Nash and asking her if we could be on "Clean House". Evie usually shares a room with Callie , but just recently she really wanted to have her own space. She begged to be able to sleep in the guest room. She says she will give it up whenever someone comes to visit, so don't worry! Annie and Callie and I moved her things to the room one day and surprised her when she came home from school. She was very excited. She still has her drums in her old room and can stay there whenever she wants.

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  1. Annie, the colors in your room are just beautiful! And I love your decor! Love you!